Voice Control Car Charger to Outlet: The World 1st True Hands-Free Bluetooth to Radio Adapter for Car

The most advanced USB, USB-C, and iPhone Siri google voice assistant car charger to outlet.

Ten years ago, USB charging ports and Bluetooth adapters were just optional accessories for many vehicles. Still, today people rely on their smartphones so much that the lack of Bluetooth adapter and USB car charger to outlet is like buying a mid-20th century car. Even some of today's most advanced vehicles are equipped with voice assistants, which allow the car to act on your voice commands, such as playing music, navigation, and sending messages. The Batmobile is no longer a movie fantasy. But, a car equipped with such features can cost a lot of money.

But fear not, there is a perfect solution for you! With GoVoce VC100 voice control Bluetooth usb car charger you can add voice assistant to your car. By plugging GoVoce VC 100 into the 12V socket, which is also known as cigarette lighter outlet that is usually conveniently located between the front two seats. Then connect your smartphone to the car radio. That's it, very simple, just 3 secs and, you can start your voice control journey.

This setup costs less than $50 and works surprisingly well, recognizing your commands and executing them quickly, and allow you to be True hands-free to do many things while driving. You may doubt the features. We know what you think! Is it easy to use? How stable is the wireless connection? Does it still recognize my commands in a noisy environment? Is the reception distance sufficient? Let us provide you with our measured insights to solve your puzzles.


How does the smart voice control usb car charger work?

The answer is to connect your smartphone's Siri and Google voice assistant. Once the VC100 plug into your cigarette lighter socket outlet, all you need to do is connect it to your Bluetooth and tune in to the corresponding radio channel, and then you're ready to go. It will call your Siri or Google voice assistant to execute commands, and the sound will be played through the car stereo. For example, if you give an order to play music, "Hey Siri, play some music," Siri will receive your command, and the next second you will hear your car stereo start to play music. Unlike other smart car chargers that require you to install an app, GoVoce VC100 doesn’t need any extra app and is the world's 1st voice control car charger that supports both Siri and Google voice assistant. You may be wondering, what if I connect my smartphone to my car via Bluetooth instead of GoVoce VC 100 Bluetooth car charger? Please take a look at one of the videos we tested.

True Voice control Bluetooth charging Adapter

As you can see, relying on the voice assistant in your smartphone is entirely unreliable. Distance limitations and the inability to recognize commands accurately make your experience very difficult. On the contrary, GoVoce VC100  Bluetooth charging Adapter exclusive voice recognition technology takes care of all these frustrations. You don't have to do anything manually from start to finish, and you don't have to press a button before executing a command. VC100 is fully voice-activated.

What can the VC100 Bluetooth car charger do for me?

hands free car kit bluetooth

Navigation, music playing, make and answer calls, messaging, listening to the radio, setting a schedule, etc. are some of the most common functions that you can use with GoVoce VC100. You can see the video below for a list of the most popular apps you can use with GoVoce VC100.


No matter who you are, this is a voice control car charger for you

GoVoce VC100 supports more than 40 languages. No matter where you are from, you just need to change your voice assistant's language, then the smart car charger can recognize your commands. GoVoce VC100 does not limit its voice recognition to a specific person. For example, when you are on a family trip, everyone can be the one to execute voice commands. You can start to play a song for yourself, even if you sit in the backseat.


In short, if you often need to use your mobile phone to navigate on the road, answer the call for business, or if you are a music loving family, this is the perfect product for you. We hope our voice control products can improve your life experience. You can find purchase information of Govoce VC100 Bluetooth car charger for your outlet here.

And welcome to send a feedback or advice to us, we are willing to see your mails. You can find our customer service information here.

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